Founded in 2018, FATMO Media Group is a rising Toronto-based mass media and communications conglomerate with a focus on serving the digital media, luxury fashion and lifestyle sectors. The company’s name is an acronym for FASHION ARTS TECH MEDIA OPERATIONS, and is also a nickname for the founder, Fatima Syed. FATMO Media Group’s unique event properties aim to merge fashion with other industries, such as technology and the corporate/finance world.
We are the co-founding company of the Toronto Corporate Fashion Show (#TOCorpShow), in partnership with creative agency Pearls & Sequence and featuring Deloitte as corporate sponsor, and also the co-founding company partner of Toronto’s #FashionVirtualReality event with VR Vision Inc.

Meanwhile, we also specialize in offering blogging, content creation and digital writing services for our client roster. FATMO Media Group also owns inFATuated digital media properties, with inFATuated Blog having recently launched. Along with activations, event launches and editorial ventures of our own, FATMO Media Group is proud to offer experiential and digital marketing, public relations, event management and communications services to our dynamic and primarily entrepreneurial clientele of rising luxury brands.


Photo: Ashley for Deniro Media Photography
Dress: African Mirror Handbag: GAREMA
Hair: Roy Fung Makeup: Ramia Khouri

As a rising Canadian media and communications entrepreneur and an accomplished journalist, Fatima Syed founded FATMO Media Group at the age of just 26 in 2018. Her venture into entrepreneurship followed a successful six year career in magazine publishing, where she was Digital Editor at a Canadian fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine. As a graduate of the notable Ryerson University School of Journalism, Fatima achieved success in digital media and was even nominated for a Canadian Online Publishing Award in 2016. However, a fast-paced lifestyle of reporting from the likes of Toronto Fashion Week, Paris Couture Week and Dubai’s Design District was simply the beginning of a new journey. Following this experience, Fatima decided to take the first step into founding her own company, with a focus on finding depth, substance and commercial growth in the complementary worlds of fashion, arts, tech and media. FATMO Media Group was the end result of these passions uniting in one luxurious, digital yet experiential space, inspired by a Millennial founder who understands both the creative and corporate mindsets.