Photo: Fatima Syed

By: Fatima Syed

Earlier this Spring/Summer 2019, inFATuated Blog was invited to the #ACISpring19 Beauty Preview, hosted by OverCat PR at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto. At this media preview, we had a chance to explore the latest in launches from ACI Brands Inc., which includes Stila Cosmetics.

Photo: Fatima Syed

Intrigued by the iridescent, luminous effect of Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Dollish, I decided to give this beautifully packaged product a try. The product comes in a slim, rectangular tube that is reminiscent of a lip gloss, with a metallic gold cap which catches the light. Meanwhile, the pale gold-pink colour of the Dollish eyeshadow is soft, and ideal for either day or night.

I tried this eyeshadow for a weekend evening out, and was pleasantly surprised by the way it flattered my medium, light beige complexion and brought attention to my brown eye colour. For anyone with a neutral skin tone and medium colouring, this blush-toned, pearlescent shadow helps to warm up your skin tone and offer a subtly glowing effect to your upper eyelids. For anyone with a long day ahead of them, it is also surprisingly long-wearing and can take you from your daytime meetings to a night on the town. I recommend adding an extra layer to bring your eye makeup look into the after hours, and pairing this eye look with a hint of red lipstick for a hint of glamour.

Later that week at a team meeting with the inFATuated team, I forgot my lipstick at home, and sneakily used a hint of this eyeshadow as a lip gloss (NOTE: not its intended usage at all). My staff did not notice this beauty faux pas, until I unveiled this at the end of the day! However, disruption and rebellion are sometimes not the best for results, at least not in the realm of beauty. When it comes to experimenting with alternative placements for this Stila Eye Shadow, I would suggest simply sticking to your eyelids, as recommended. Instead, use one of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks to perfect your pout, and finish off your face in style.

THE #LETSGETINFATUATED VOTE: We are inFATuated indeed, with the quality, texture and shine of the product. This will be a go-to for many upcoming makeup looks, throughout Summer 2019 and beyond.

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