By: Sami Chazonoff

Last week, inFATuated Blog was invited to an exclusive media preview and shopping event hosted by Sheek PR, featuring skincare brand Urban Juve. As one of our editorial staff members and also FATMO Media Group’s Sales and Business Development Assistant, I was lucky enough to attend this evening of style, flowing drinks and beautiful product displays. Walking out, hardly empty-handed, I decided to try a few of the raved-about skincare products for myself and share my thoughts with a beauty review.

Perfectly timely for the current crop of cannabis-derived beauty products, Urban Juve makes use of a trendy skincare ingredient- hemp. The brand refers to hemp as “the super ingredient,” as they believe hemp seed and hemp root oils, which are made from cannabis plants, have undeniable antioxidants, amino acids and minerals that really work on your skin. Hemp root oil is the universal key ingredient that claims to prevent signs of aging in their Anti-Aging Serum, makes chapped lips smoother and softer in their Lip Balm and leaves skin silky and calmed in their Balance Daily Ritual Oil. The Urban Juve collection also makes only natural and cruelty-free products, a fact which greatly excited me, as I try to only use natural skincare products which do not irritate my skin the way chemical-heavy products do.

As I’m all about products that have short ingredient lists, with recognizable ingredients, this factor of the collection was also automatically a plus. I was told the lip balm, specifically, is all the rave right now, with both men and women. For someone who applies lip balm more times a day than I can possibly count, I was anticipating trying this product – and also thought I’d be a fair and knowledgeable critic.

1. First: Daily Ritual Oil – Balance

This sleek white and black bottled product had the aroma of a serene spa – and I was captivated by it. Subtle notes of lemon and jasmine, worked together to leave my skin feeling extra hydrated and supple. The product is said to work best on clean skin, post-bath or shower, and is supposed to leave you with glowing skin. I can’t say my skin was as shiny and glow-y as I would have hoped but it was definitely soft, smooth and smelled great. I am sure with more continuous use, the glowing effect will also come. I also appreciated how it doesn’t leave your hands or skin feeling greasy. The ritual oils come in a range of types based on your skin’s needs. Align is mostly for skin that’s prone to oiliness, while Vitalize is curated for dry skin and Balance (which I used) is the most general of the products and designed for all skin types.

2. Next: Anti-Aging Serum

At first I was unsure about this black minimalist-ly packaged product as I didn’t think a young woman in her early 20s with a baby face and acne-prone skin would be in need of an anti-aging serum- but hey, it’s never too early to start preventing wrinkles. The texture of this product was a lot creamier than I expected and the lavender spa inspired smell was very strong, but all you need is a few drops. I haven’t noticed any fewer wrinkles yet, (not like I had any before) but I like the idea of a long-lasting/long-term effect product that will benefit me in the future. If continuing to use this means I’ll look 30 when I’m 50, I’ll be using this every single day. Do you think I could get a free refill?

3. Last but not least: Lip Balm

The product I was most eager to try was the small, simple, black-tubed lip balm since I consider myself a lip balm connoisseur after all. The smell of the lip balm is pretty heavenly – it kind of smells like Christmas – very peppermint-y and sweet. When I first applied it to my lips, there was a slight tingling feeling, but I felt like it was really working to hydrate my lips. My main problem with lip chap and the reason that I’ve tried so many is that I find the initial soft, hydrating feeling wears off so quickly, and leaves me continuously reapplying the product. I didn’t feel that as much with this lip balm, as the softening, hydrating sensation didn’t seem to go away, which was a refreshing feeling. I could have done with a little less of the tingling feeling, but perhaps with more usage, I’ll either get used to it or it will stop being as potent. The small tube fits anywhere (whether your purse, pocket or car’s glove compartment), just make sure you don’t lose it!

I can most definitely say that I will be continuing to use these products. If the simple, sleek packaging and luxurious smells weren’t enough to sell you, the fact that they actually work, certainly will.

Photos: Sami Chazonoff

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