By: Shannon Schaefer

With immersive art experiences quickly redefining the traditional art gallery experience for a new generation and a digital age, Mondo Forma’s The Funhouse Toronto certainly fits into 2019’s arts and culture trends. Wanting to discover more about this intensely promoted creative escape, the inFATuated editorial team had the pleasure of visiting The Funhouse on Monday. The Funhouse’s unique experience is the result of the hard work of almost 30 local artists infused with the music of six musical artists, enriched by the digital media department’s team of seven and made possible by the Mondo Forma team.

As Toronto’s newest immersive and multi-sensory art experience, The Funhouse transports visitors into an alternate universe, which features rooms that were crafted by local artists.  

Once you step onto Lisgar St, just off Queen West, you are greeted by a bright building that has a warm pastel exterior that invites you in. As you enter The Funhouse, you are immediately teleported to a 1920s inspired hotel with décor to match. Prepare for your every sense to be on high alert as you step inside The Funhouse’s world. From the entrance’s bright pink interior to the choices you’ll make in this choose-your-own-adventure styled experience, The Funhouse has created a full-bodied experience.

You can easily spend half an hour to an hour guiding yourself through the Funhouse. To get the most out of your experience, however, make sure to check each door, around each corner and down each hall as you never know what the artists may have tucked away.

From a tilted kitchen to a room that transforms you to under the sea (and we cannot forget about the life-sized elephant, which is quite literally the elephant in the room), each step you take in The Funhouse will transport you to a new dimension. It takes a second to re-adjust to the sounds and colours of real life Toronto, as once you exit the maze as you become so immersed during your time inside The Funhouse’s world.

As a bonus, the experience is fuelled with the addition of augmented reality. The Funhouse Toronto Augmented Reality app will allow you to take your experience one step further, with several of the art pieces featuring an augmented reality element. This addition allows guests to re-evaluate how they use their phones while in the face of artwork. Instead of the device taking away from the art and distancing guests from the experience, the app’s augmented reality allows guests to use their devices to connect to the surroundings and to the art. 

As beautiful as the experience is, and as easily photogenic as it may be, The Funhouse is by no means an “Instagram pop-up”. Some rooms are designed to show poorly on camera in efforts to keep guests immersed in the world that The Funhouse has built. 

Do not waste any time planning your visit to the Funhouse Toronto as it is currently a limited-time experience, which is currently in place until the end of summer. To purchase your tickets and plan your own experience to The Funhouse, or to learn more, click here for details.

Photos: Shannon Schaefer

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