By: Sami Chazonoff

On Tuesday, August 6, the FATMO Media Group team had the opportunity to attend the Rogers Cup at Toronto’s Aviva Centre, courtesy of our technology partners at Toronto-based virtual reality firm VR Vision Inc. VR Vision was present at the event with their interactive installation at Tennis Canada, which allowed us to experience tennis firsthand just like the pros.

These complimentary VIP tickets also allowed us access to the exclusive BMW Lounge, where we had a chance to experience the luxury of this annual tennis event.

Although there were multiple rain warnings, and a few raindrops did fall from the sky, it was overall a beautiful day to watch the female tennis players take over the courts. However, the rain couldn’t dampen the adrenaline and atmosphere, as we watched the epic match between powerhouses Venus Williams and Carla Suarez Navarro.

After watching Navarro beat Williams, we circled the grounds to find the Tennis Canada VR booth and show some support for our tech partners. Although this was only the second time in my life, I tried on the VR headset and was able to play my own game of tennis! As I swung my arm with my VR goggles on and remote in hand, I instantly was reminded of memories of playing Wii tennis. Luckily, I was the only one who could see the crystal-clear court and the cartoon I was playing against – and see that I wasn’t doing very well.

Nevertheless, I shouted, “I feel like Venus Williams,” because nobody could see that I was losing and for all they knew, I was also a tennis star- if only in the virtual reality universe.

Overall, this experience brought interaction and activity to our day at the Rogers Cup. We found VR Vision’s use of new, immersive technology to be incredibly real and vivid in bringing a contemporary feeling to the classic game of tennis. If you need a break from watching the match in real life, you can always put on a headset and play your own virtual match.

With FATMO Media Group having our upcoming #ARTSVIRTUALREALITY event in partnership with our friends at VR Vision Inc. on Friday, August 30, experiencing Tennis VR just made us more excited for our joint event. Tickets for this creative, immersive tech event are currently on sale- be sure to check them out here exclusively on Eventbrite and buy online right now. We look forward to hosting you there.  

Photos: FATMO Media Group Staff

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