By: Shannon Schaefer

With its shocking magenta colour scheme and its competitive location along on the fast-paced, stylish Queen Street West, Eye Candy has become Toronto’s most coveted pop-up Instagram space. While Eye Candy Toronto has quickly been garnering a reputation since its May launch, the inFATuated editorial team finally had the opportunity to stop by the location this week.

This unique pop-up has been all the rage on Instagram since its opening, with an array of different multi-sensory rooms and every wall offering photo potential. Visitors should come prepared with a charged camera and their imaginations, also fully charged.

Eye Candy has created a play-pretend world for everybody, and offers an experience that social media users of every stripe can rage about. The Bay Street dreamers can look forward to a vault full of faux paper money and shining faux gold bars. While it certainly looks unrealistic in appearance and doesn’t truly resemble a jet, the private jet Instagram setup features roses and champagne glasses, for a romantic getaway feel and an adventure-seeking vibe.

For those who missed Cherry Blossom season in High Park, the faux blossoms are in full bloom 24/7 in the Eye Candy world, with a room which resembles a blooming garden. A personal favourite, and one which was particularly eye-catching on Instagram, was a disco-ball day dream that offers glittery feels and brings Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” music video to mind. The true beauty of Eye Candy is that there is no need for overthinking during your time at the exhibit, just bring your friends and family and then enjoy an hour or so of laughs and quirky photos. In fact, 1990s children can easily become young again, as you pose with larger-than-life candy or as you reminisce in the Blockbuster themed room.

For $15 on weekdays or $20 on weeknights and evenings (tickets available here), this fun-infused pop-up is a guaranteed way to brighten up your social media feeds. Eye Candy offers a different experience for every visitor and your experience is truly defined by your own creativity and photo skills. In fact, a peek at their Instagram (@thisiseyecandytoronto), reveals that the “Eye” Candy is in the eye of the beholder.

Photos: FATMO Media Group Staff

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