By: Fatima Syed

Although the sunny days of summer are still upon us and the humidity of the season currently hangs over Toronto like a cloud, it’s also inevitable that Fall 2019 is on the way. A quick glimpse at the calendar reminds us that it is already late August, and the weeks ahead will see us scrambling to perfect our beauty look for the autumn months. On August 13, inFATuated attended the stunning and well-curated Fall 2019 preview of ACI Brands, held at Toronto’s Hotel Ocho and warmly hosted by OverCat PR. We had the opportunity to see the latest fall launches from a variety of cosmetics brands, which included Korres, Stila Canada, Clean Beauty Collective and Ardell.

As a popular, contemporary Greek apothecary brand which is known for its usage of real Greek yogurt, Korres unveiled a station in its signature bright blue and white colour scheme. We were treated to a sample of the brand’s Hydro-Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask, which offered a moisture boost. With its silky texture and natural usage of nourishing yogurt, we are certainly looking forward to trying this beauty buy once the cooler months of fall arrive. However, that’s not to say that skincare lovers can only incorporate this product line into their beauty regimens once September is upon us. If you are recovering from a sunburn and would like to restore your visage to its usual glory, then this may be an ideal solution.

Asides from the newest in skincare, the ACI Brands preview also offered us a sneak peek of what’s to come from Stila. Known for its quality, long-wear makeup products, the Stila Fall 2019 collection once again delivered the brand’s signature rich, highly pigmented eye shades and shiny gold packaging.

We also had a chance to see the new Hide and Chic Foundation, which comes in a slim, stylish metallic tube. With a variety of skin tones and a subtle finish that offers lightweight coverage, we are liking this liquid foundation for the season ahead.

Meanwhile, Clean Beauty Collective presented their latest Clean Reserve fragrances, which impressed as expected. We were particularly intrigued by the brand’s new Solar Bloom scent, which contains notes of bergamot, orange blossom, and coconut water.

While Halloween is still two months away, the spooky season has clearly arrived at Ardell. The brand showcased a feminine yet fearful All Hallows’ Eve-themed collection, with their Bat Those Lashes featuring elongated, wispy adhesive false eyelashes that can easily elevate your seasonal makeup looks. Although we are unsure of rocking these vampy, extravagant lashes for everyday usage, we can see them seizing attention for a costume party. With accessorizing touches such as tiny red bows, it’s clear that these falsies are not for the shrinking violets and wallflowers, but rather for the most adventurous of beauty gurus.

All Photos: Fatima Syed

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