Photo: letsgototheex on Instagram

By: Sami Chazonoff

More commonly known as the CNE or The Ex, the Canadian National Exhibition is currently Canada’s largest community event and was founded in 1879 with the purpose of fostering the development of agriculture, industry and the arts.

According to the official CNE website, the Ex was originally called the “Toronto Industrial Exhibition” but the name of the fair changed to what it remains today, in 1912. Fast forward from the 1900s to today’s contemporary era of selfies and social media, and the CNE continues to make waves with the Canadian public.

The CNE consists of indoor and outdoor markets and vendors of shops and food trucks, as well as a variety of rides and games, music, sports, special events and even animals. If that isn’t enough to sell you though, the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) wraps up on September 2, after an incredible new show, as it celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

With the summer drawing to a close, what could be more appealing than spending the last night before Fashion Season and TIFF are upon us, eating fried dough, watching a spectacular air show and waiting in line for a rollercoaster? After all, anything which truly makes us feel like kids again is an ideal way to wrap up the season.

So grab a group of your friends and make sure your stomach is empty so you can take advantage of the delicious carnival food options. While you’re at the CNE this year, remember to play some games, go on some rides and make the most of this long weekend by visiting the Ex on the last long weekend of Summer 2019.

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