By: Fatima Syed

Photos: Fatima Syed for inFATuated Eats

It’s official- at the tender age of 28, I’m already the “Mom” of my friend group. I make sure everyone fuels up whenever I host an event, dinner or gathering- and unlike some hostesses who may find entertaining to be daunting, I actually love this. When it comes to my two younger brothers (ages 20 and 25), I also tend to enjoy cooking up inFATuated Eats recipes for them as part of sibling time. Recently during the Christmas holidays, we had a leftover roast chicken at my family’s home which needed some tender loving care. It was the lazy period of days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and with a fridge stocked with food, the culinary options were endless. However, my major concern was using up leftover ingredients from a big holiday dinner, particularly a chicken carcass with plenty of meat on it. That is when the brilliant idea of homemade chicken noodle soup came to mind. While you may not think of such a traditional, timeless dish as an innovation, the addition of Sriracha and cream truly modernizes an old school soup.

If you want to use up leftover roast chicken (see our #inFATuatedEats recipe here), we suggest creating a big pot of this updated, colourful and rich soup for the chilly winter weeks ahead. Whether you partied a bit too late the night before, had a rough day at work or simply feel under the weather, I guarantee that this Chicken Noodle Soup will bring you back to your usual vibrant self.


Leftover torn up/cut up chunks of roast chicken meat, both white and dark meat

1 chicken bouillon cube

A splash of 35 percent cream

1 tbsp. of butter

Penne pasta

Sriracha sauce

1 yellow pepper, cut into chunks

Handful of coriander

Grated ginger (if desired)

Handful of carrot strips or slender carrot slices (we used pre-shredded carrots)


Rosemary or herb crackers for garnish

Start off by boiling the penne pasta in a pot of salted water. Once your pasta has boiled, keep the water (do not drain, as you’ll need this to create your soup) and add the chicken bouillon cube and the shredded chicken. Begin stirring, and then add the carrots, coriander and yellow pepper. Once your soup base starts to thicken, reduce the heat setting to low heat and add a few squirts of Sriracha and the splash of cream. Keep simmering the soup, and introduce the butter and the ginger (if desired) into the mix. After about 15-20 minutes, you should have a beautiful, hearty soup on your hands. Remember to top with the herb crackers, and share with your family and friends, as this huge pot is meant to be communal! But if everyone who you know and love is out of town, feel free to enjoy this slightly spiced, flavourful and creamy soup all on your own.

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